Dr. Denise Mauzerall is Professor of Environmental Engineering and International Affairs at Princeton University holding a joint appointment between the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She conducts scientific research that informs the development of far-sighted energy and environmental policy.  Her research examines opportunities to simultaneously reduce air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions and evaluates the resulting benefits for climate, public health and food security.  Current research is examining the potential air quality and climate benefits of increased penetration of alternative energy vehicles and a decarbonizing global power sector, optimized strategies for battery storage deployment, the climate effects of hydrogen leakage when used for energy storage, methane leakage from the oil and gas sector, air pollution trends and mitigation strategies in India and China, overseas financing of the power sector, and evaluation of the effects of changes in agricultural production and human diets for climate and public health. 

Mauzerall has published over 100 papers on environmental/energy topics in top research journals.  She served on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s chartered Science Advisory Board from 2014-2017, is on the executive advisory board for the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam, Germany, spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on opportunities to simultaneously address air pollution and greenhouse gas mitigation, and has been a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  She is a co-editor in chief of the new journal Sustainable Horizons.  She sits on the executive editorial boards of the Atmospheric Environment and  Advances in Applied Energy journals.  At Princeton she is on the executive committees of the Andlinger Center for Energy and Environment and the Chadha Center for Global India.  Mauzerall is jointly appointed in the School of Public and International Affairs and the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  She is associated faculty in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences program, the Geosciences department, the High Meadows Environmental Institute, the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, and the Center on Contemporary China at Princeton.  Dr. Mauzerall received a Sc.B. in chemistry from Brown University, a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in atmospheric chemistry from the Earth and Planetary Science department at Harvard University.  

For many years Mauzerall has directed the PhD program in SPIA where she is a core professor in the Center for Policy Research on Energy and Environment.  She has taught courses at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels, including the undergraduate course Global Environmental Issues and graduate course Climate Change: Science, Policy and Mitigation, as well as a collection of undergraduate taskforces and graduate workshops on a variety of environmental and sustainability topics.