Denise L. Mauzerall

Research Objectives:

The objective of my research group is to utilize science to inform the development of far-sighted air quality policy that considers impacts of air pollution on human health, agriculture and climate change. Our approach is to use rigorous scientific tools to address technical questions of direct policy relevance. Research in my group analyzes the impacts of air pollution globally as well as in both the largest rapidly industrializing country (China) and in the largest developed country (US). Recent work has examined the effect of present and potential future concentrations of air pollutants, particularly black carbon and ozone, on public health, global agriculture and climate change and the potential benefits of various mitigation strategies. We have also investigated inter-state and inter-continental transport of air pollutants with an emphasis on transport from rapidly industrializing Asia to the rest of the world. These issues are interlinked, globally pervasive and addressing one provides opportunities for leveraging solutions to others. My goal is to use global change science to facilitate the formation of sound environmental policy. 


Ph.D., Atmospheric Chemistry, Harvard University
M.S., Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Sc.B. with honors, Chemistry, Brown University

Denise Mauzerall CV


Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

303 Robertson Hall and E412 Engineering Quad
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1013

Telephone: 609-258-2498
E-mail: mauzeral [at]